An Experienced Lawyer Explains Medical Liens & What They Mean For You.

If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Harrisonburg, Staunton or anywhere in Virginia, you may need to hire a lawyer. The legal complexities of an accident can quickly overwhelm even the most educated person, even when you’re not at fault. This is especially true when it comes to medical liens. A medical lien can be placed by a hospital, healthcare provider, and even the government to demand payment for their services to nurse you back to health. This lien is typically placed on your personal injury lawsuit, meaning all those professionals have a legal right to some of your settlement. Here’s a breakdown of several different types of potential liens:

  • Hospital Liens: A hospital can file a lien upon your lawsuit to cover the costs associated with your care. These liens are typically capped at certain limits for each doctor, nurse, ambulance ride, etc.
  • Medical Provider Liens: These liens are similar to hospital liens and can be filed by individual healthcare providers for specific services, like physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Worker’s Comp Liens: If you get in a car crash while working or driving a company vehicle, worker’s compensation may kick in and cover the bill for your medical care. The worker’s compensation insurance company will then place a lien on your personal injury case to recoup that investment.
  • Government Liens: When the government steps in to pay for your care through Medicaid, Medicare or the Veterans Administration (VA), they can apply a lien to get their money back should you win.

You’re Responsible For Your Bills.

If you’re injured in a car crash and go to the hospital, the hospital is going to charge your insurance and you for the care they provide. To avoid excessive costs, you should hire a lawyer who is experienced in negotiating healthcare bills and liens to save you time and money. Ready to learn more about medical liens after a car crash? Contact an experienced lawyer at Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver; we serve clients throughout Virginia.