A Harrisonburg Lawyer Protects You & Your Investment.

Construction and real estate law are complex practices that require a detail-oriented Harrisonburg lawyer to protect what’s in your best interest. Whether you’re an architect, builder or individual purchasing construction plans or services, you should have an experienced attorney review any and all contracts. Here’s a breakdown on some commonly used practices and tools and how they pertain to you:

  • AIA Contracts: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) provides comprehensive contracts that many architects use when selling their services. These are well-founded contracts, but as with any well-written, researched document, there are many elements that can be added, removed or switched depending on your specific project. Architects should create their documents and have them reviewed by a Harrisonburg lawyer to protect their design and practice. Individuals and businesses should also have an attorney review the contracts to ensure all project parameters are clearly defined and understood before signing the agreement.
  • Construction Contracts: Construction contracts protect both the builder and purchaser during the home building process. There are five types of contracts that are popular: lump sum contracts, time and materials contracts, cost plus contracts, unit price contracts, and guaranteed maximum price contracts (GMP). Each of these contracts come with benefits and disadvantages which is why each party should have an attorney review them prior to signing.
  • Contract Provisions: A well-founded contract includes provisions to protect you if some aspect of the project doesn’t go as planned. For example: project financing, timeline, damage, change orders, liability and indemnity provisions, and more make it clear who is responsible if something unexpected happens.

W.A.W. Is Uniquely Qualified To Protect Our Clients.

At Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, we represent all elements and sides to real estate and construction law cases. We work with architects, builders and individuals purchasing architectural plans or enlisting the services of a contractor or construction company. We have significant experience administering and reviewing contracts related to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and tailor those contracts to the specific needs of each project. Ready to work with an experienced Harrisonburg lawyer on your next construction project?