Critical Information From Your Harrisonburg & Staunton Attorney.

Getting in an accident is scary and sometimes the shock you experience at the moment can mask physical injuries. An attorney from our Harrisonburg and Staunton offices breaks down some of the more common injuries that can cause long-term complications after being in a car crash.

  • Whiplash: Most people are familiar with this injury which results from the head whipping forward and then back, straining the ligaments in the neck. Some people feel pain immediately, but some won’t recognize the pain for weeks or even months. Whiplash injuries often require a neck brace and can take as long as six months to heal.
  • Brain Injuries: Depending on the type of accident, a victim could suffer from a mild to traumatic brain injury. Here’s a scenario for you: The car in front of you is breaking quickly. As you hit that car, the car behind you hits your car. Those sudden collisions whip your head back and forth, causing your brain to move abruptly in its fluid. This causes a concussion and is the same thing that happens to football players and other athletes. Memory and cognitive issues can take anywhere from weeks to years to develop.
  • Back Injuries: Our backs are not designed to sustain heavy impact and an accident can cause long-term complications to your spine. Herniated discs, sprains and nerve damage are common and lasting side effects of car accidents.

I’m Still Experiencing Pain – What Do I Do Now?

Now is the time to reach out to an experienced local attorney to determine your options after a car crash. We coordinate with your doctor and national medical experts to determine if you have a personal injury case to pursue. In many cases, a settlement can help pay your medical bills, testing and cover loss of income due to the accident. Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver serves clients throughout Virginia. Ready to get started? Contact an attorney at our Staunton and Harrisonburg offices to learn more.