Retirement Planning Is Easier When You Work With A Harrisonburg Lawyer.

Retirement planning can be complicated, but partnering with a Harrisonburg lawyer can make it easier. By collaborating with your financial planner and local attorney, you can gain valuable insights into the economic and social benefits available. Here’s how a Harrisonburg lawyer simplifies the process:

  • They Can Save You Money: Estate planning attorneys can help you take advantage of tax savings while also protecting your wealth from probate fees. Tax law is complicated and by enlisting an experienced attorney, you can avoid devastating repercussions and maintain your lifestyle.
  • They Can Protect Your Family: An experienced Staunton and Harrisonburg lawyer can help you define your beneficiaries and power of attorney in legally binding documents. They can write your will and create trusts to protect your wealth and the inheritance of your loved ones.
  • They Can Protect Your Wishes: Whether it’s through an Advance Medical Directive, Power of Attorney, or living will, a lawyer can craft the legal documents necessary to protect your wishes when you cannot speak for yourself.

It’s Important To Regularly Review Your Retirement & Estate Plans.

Long-term planning needs to be updated and amended as situations evolve. As national elections bring in new administrations, laws can change that affect your retirement and estate plans. Personal situations can also develop that change the scope of your needs. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced attorney to protect your wealth and your wishes.

Our Diverse & Experienced Team Is Your Estate Planning Partner.

When you work with Wharton, Aldhizer & Weaver, you have access to a team of attorneys with the skills and expertise necessary to protect you and your loved ones during and after retirement. Out of our Staunton and Harrisonburg offices, we provide comprehensive estate planning, write wills, create trusts and even represent clients in court if disputes arise. Since 1845, our firm has been helping families and individuals in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond protect their wealth and family with experienced estate planning. If you’re planning for retirement and need help determining the proper paperwork and forms to complete, we’ve got you covered. Ready to work with an experienced Harrisonburg lawyer on your retirement planning? Contact us today!