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Humes J. “Tripp” Franklin, III & Thomas E. Ullrich Received a $100,000 Settlement for Client

Premises Liability Case – Slip and Fall on Ice – $100,000 Settlement

The injured was a 32-year old married father who slipped and fell while exiting a restaurant.  The gentleman slipped on a nearly invisible patch of ice that had formed as the result of snow melting from the roof and re-freezing on the sidewalk.

As a result of the fall, he suffered a bimalleolar fracture to his right ankle.  The fracture required surgical repair which was accomplished by fixating his bones with a lag screw and a locking plate secured with locking screws.  The locking plate was then secured to the shaft with a cortical screw to suck the plate down to the bone.  After the surgery, he was ordered to remain non-weight bearing for six weeks by his doctor.  This resulted in him missing significant time at work and suffering lost wages.

At a follow-up appointment, it was discovered that he had an infection near the surgical site which was causing a burning sensation in his heel.  He was given medication to treat the infection and a crutch substitute knee platform walker to assist him without putting weight on his ankle.  He later attended sixteen sessions of physical therapy.

Although he completed his treatments and returned to work, he still continues to suffer as a result of his fall and ankle fracture.  He daily wakes up to a stiff and painful ankle.  He can no longer play with his children as he did in the past or participate in the sports that he previously enjoyed.  His ankle also puts limitations on his ability to fully perform his job.  He is unable to lift heavy items or to climb a ladder.